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Hey, thanks for coming to see my page here, but the truth is, this page sucks. Bad. So to save yourself some agony (and me some embarrassment), come on over to my new and improved, extra-strength homepage. You'll be glad you did. It's updated daily, has my site of the night, my new essays and stories and more, whereas all this one has going for it is that it was made possible by the good people at Tripod. I mean, I'm very pleased that you came to see my page, but I really think you'll be happier if you saw this one. Thanks again.

-Amanda (aka tenofdiamonds)

Okay! Welcome to what eventually will be my page. This is going to be my fun page, with just stuff I want on it, like favorite links, and my poetry and short stories or essays.

You are the wonderful person to step foot (or mouse) into my little home of weirdness! Thank you!

Here are my favorite links and stuff about me to keep you occupied for now... Thanks!

While you're here, click here or here (my protest page) to learn about Free Speech Is Out There, the X-Philes protest against the Fox Network's forced shutdown of unofficial X-Files sites. We need your help!

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