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You put on your face of

Fake concern and people

Rush to your side.

They fall for your lies

But I know the truth

You act like the good

Little diligent wife

You are nothing more

Than a leech

Sucking off people's sympathies

Draining people dry

Still they flock to see you

The one last true wife

Better than they are

Better than your former

Ever was.

Someday they'll notice

All the lies

And come to see

The devastation

You left behind

They'll know what you

Have done to me

They'll know how you have

Changed my father

From the brave and loving man he was

To the weak and helpless man he is

Why did you do this to us?

How could you do it?

I need to know.

We never hurt you

And look what you've done

He stopped caring about me

And you simply encouraged it

His fragile sphere of sanity

Was shattered at your hands

He is lost to me

For he is gone and

In his place you stand

Laughing silently at me and

Pulling his invisible strings

If it was money you wanted

You should have known better

If it was torture you wanted

Your wish has been granted.

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